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Increase your sales with the power of the image

Why would you integrate WatStyle in your app?

Increase conversion rate
By facilitating the act of purchase
Offer a new user experience
Easier, faster and more intuitive
Create new sell channel
Each moment become an opportunity
Improve customer engagement
With a reliable and accurate service

Visual Search Solution for Fashion App

Increase your conversion rate and improve the engagement of your customers thanks to the Visual Search "WatStyle". Designed for fashion brands and retailers, WatStyle gives you the opportunity to create new purchasing situation and new sales channels with the power of AI and Image. Integrated to your mobile application, WatStyle lets shoppers snap any piece of clothe and instantely find the same or closest items in your catalog.

Camera button to take and upload the image

User takes a photo

Image is analywed and visually similar produxts are proposed

you can switch between differents categories

HOW it works

The SDK is integrated to your mobile application

User takes a picture that is sent to the WatStyle API

Watstyle analyzes and searches similar products in your catalog

Returns similar products to the application

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